Technology Matters

Issue #2: February-April 2017

G Suite Updates

Search within a folder in Google Drive

You can now search for content in a specific folder in Google Drive. Select the drop-down in the search bar and choose the folder you want from the Location menu, or right-click on a folder and search within that folder. Only folders that are within your My Drive or within Team Drives can be searched; if you have a folder that is shared with you, first add the folder to your My Drive.

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Improving the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides

We’re making some changes to the menus and toolbars in Google Docs and Slides on the web. These changes will make it easier to find certain items and increase consistency across Docs and Slides. Among other things, you’ll notice the following:
  • In Docs and Slides, “Lists” in the Format menu has been renamed “Bullets and numbering.”
  • In Docs and Slides, “Show spelling suggestions” has been renamed “Spelling” and moved from the View menu to the Tools menu.
  • In Docs, “Document outline” has been renamed “Show document outline” and moved from the Tools menu to the View menu.
  • In Slides, “Import slides” has been removed from the Insert menu.

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Changing how you view photos and videos in Google Drive

Today in Google Drive you can view your Google Photos directly via a tab in the left navigation and from folders within My Drive.

In early January 2018, we will simplify Drive navigation by removing the Google Photos tab. You can continue to access your photos and videos in Drive by creating a Google Photos folder in My Drive. Learn more in the Help Center.

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What is Digital Citizenship & Common Sense Media
Digital citizenship in grades K, 1, & 2

Developing a balance of digital and face to face time is crucial for our youngest students. This can be done through modeling and thinking aloud about which tools would be best to solve different problems for example: pencil, pop cubes, dry erase marker, iPad, etc.

The primary grades are an excellent opportunity to teach students about how to use technology as a tool to foster well as a device to have fun with!

Digital Citizenship in grades 3, 4, & 5

As students get older, the amount of time spent on a personal device such as a phone increases. On these devices, students are able to participate in group chats through messaging apps (such as iMessage) or through communication tools built into apps (such as a direct or private message).

It is important to talk about and model appropriate messaging and reflecting on messaging for these students. Ask their opinion about how to respond when someone sends you a message.

In a different realm of digital citizenship, students also need to learn how to cite and respect the works of others. When researching information for a project, credit needs to be given to the source and author of a text, video or image.

Common Sense Media:

Common Sense Media is a free website that provides teachers and parents with important information on digital tools. Common Sense Media has curriculum resources for teachers who are interested in teaching digital citizenship lessons to their students. They also have ratings on games, websites, apps and movies. In the reviews they suggest the appropriate age and give support to why.

Elements of Digital Citizenship

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Resources for Parents and Teachers


Teacher Challenge

Complete the Common Sense Media Training!

Select the appropriate grade levels that apply to you and begin

Going beyond the challenge- Apply to become a Common Sense Media Certified Educator

Home Challenge

Try a device free dinner! - learn more about the Challenge by clicking the link.


When you complete a challenge try tweeting about it or telling a friend to help inspire others to do the same!

Meet Our Newest EdTech: Lindsay Topolewski

Hi everyone! I am super excited to be joining the EdTech Team! I have been working in Middletown for the past 8 years at Ocean Avenue Elementary as a 4th grade and 3rd grade teacher. I am a lifelong learner and look forward to sharing my love of technology and education through this new position!
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