Reviewed by yours truly, Aristotle

Aristotle himself has stated that this is his favorite film!

1. Plot- In this film, Martin Brody has to hunt down a man eating shark. Will his crew of three be able to kill the beast, or will it get the better of them?

2.Character- Included in the film, is Martin, Matt Hooper, Quint, and Mayor Larry Vaughn.

3. Thought- One of the major themes in Jaws, is the feeling of wonder and helplessness at the same time. Steven Spielberg creates this by putting victims in helpless situations.

4. Diction- Quint's monologue about his time in the navy is considered one of the most famous monologues in all of film. It's worth watching the film just for that scene.

5. Sound- The Jaws theme is also one of the most recognizable songs in all of film. If anyone starts singing it, everyone immediately thinks "Shark!"

6. Spectacle- Half of the movie takes place on a fictional beach town, Amity Island. The other half takes place in the ocean, which aids to the feeling of isolation.