Best Memory Foam Mattress: See This

Everything You Need To Know About Memory Foam Mattress

What Exactly is Memory Foam?

The best memory foam mattress solution is manufactured from polyurethane foam or low resilience polyurethane foam. Your mattress is created with a higher density memory foam that softens with your body heat and allows your body to mold to the warmed foam in minutes.

This type of mattress has a faster speed of recovery to its original shape after your weight has been removed. This is named a newer generation of foams with faster recovery qualities. There are several memory foam products available on today’s retail markets and each of these mattresses includes a denser than standard foam composition.

These mattresses can be sold at higher prices than traditional mattress products and each foam mattress is measured by the foam’s indentation force deflection. Each mattress can have a soft or firm feel and each has its own indentation force deflection rating. A higher deflection rating will feel firmer when compressed.

What Are the Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses?

When memory foam was developed it was originally intended for use in the space program. Although it never ended up being used for this purpose, it was however tested for medical use with patients that were bedridden. Because lying in bed for long periods of time can cause problems with pressure points on the body this was a great discovery.

It helped to stop patients from developing pressure sores which could eventually become life threatening. Memory foam is also used in pillows and mattress toppers. For those who suffer from chronic neck pain, a cervical pillow made of memory foam can help to reduce the pain.

Why Use a Memory Foam Mattress?

Although not many people could afford a memory foam mattress when they were first out on the market, the price is becoming more reasonable now. The reasoning behind most people purchasing a mattress with memory foam is the comfort level. Compared to a standard mattress with box springs, an air bed, or a futon the memory foam rates far higher in comfort. Instead of putting pressure on the body while it rests, the memory foam redistributes the weight allowing for a more restful sleep.

Standard mattresses cannot do this. They either are too soft or too hard. Even if you think they are just right, a lot of how you feel the next morning is due to how you sleep. No matter what position you sleep in while resting on a memory foam mattress, you will not have too much weight focused on one or two parts of the body.

If a good night’s rest has somehow escaped you up to this point, you owe it to yourself to try a memory foam mattress. Although they may be a little higher priced than a standard mattress or a futon, they will last far longer than either one of these. You will feel better after sleeping on a memory foam mattress and your body will thank you by being much more energetic and rested.

Caring For A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are one of the higher-end mattresses on the market nowadays. That being said, proper care for a memory foam mattress will enhance the experience and extend the life of your new bed.

Important Tips to Follow:

1) Proper handling of the memory foam mattress is the first step. Memory foam mattresses should be unfolded upon delivery, and left to set for at least two days. Emory foam

mattresses should always be lifted from the bottom, or from the handles, if possible.

When carrying a memory foam mattress, remember to carry it in the upright position at all times. Avoid tearing the memory foam mattress with careful movements. If the memory foam mattress comes with any sewn on tags, do not remove them.

2) Memory foam mattresses should never be flipped, but rather, rotated. It is recommended that memory foam mattresses be rotated approximately three times a week for the first month of ownership, and two to three times a month thereafter. It is also suggested that a sturdy bed frame be purchased and placed under the memory foam bed, as to allow the foam to properly support your body.

3) Proper cleaning of the memory foam mattress is also important. Never bleach a memory foam mattress. Instead, spot clean the memory foam mattress for any major stains, using very diluted detergent and a small cloth or brush.

Never pour the cleaning solution directly on to the memory foam mattress. Instead, use a small spray bottle to apply the solution. Always let the memory foam mattress air-dry. Memory foam mattresses should also be vacuumed regularly, to avoid buildup of dust or debris. Some may recommend a waterproof covering for the memory foam mattress, to protect it from stains and spills.

4) It is crucial that the holding space for the memory foam mattress also be maintained. Never let children rough house or jump on the memory foam mattress. Additionally, memory foam mattresses should be kept in a cool location to avoid mildew buildup. Heating blankets should also never be used on a memory foam mattress. Avoid eating or drinking on the memory foam mattress. Moreover, avoid allowing pets to climb on or claw at the memory foam mattress.