Amelia Earhart

By Olivia Krehbiel


Amelia Earhart was born on July 24, 1897 in Achison Kansas. She spent most of her childhood in an upper-middle class house with her grandparents. Her mother and father were good people, but they didn't make very much money and her father was badly addicted to alcohol so while her mother was trying to handle him and his problem, Amelia had to stay at her grandparents house. She was a very outgoing and energetic child and she was most definitely a tomboy though her mother wanted her to be more lady-like. Amelia never really knew much about planes as a child, but when she grew up she learned more and more about them. She went to Toronto Canada to visit family, and she saw many wounded soldiers. After she saw what all those soldiers had gone through, she volunteered as a nurse's aide for the Red Cross. She met a lot of wounded pilots in war and she grew an admiration for them. After she went on her first plane ride and realized how fun it was to fly so high in the air, she decided she wanted to learn how to fly like all the other pilots she admired. Amelia was the 16th women to get her pilots license. She bought a plane shortly after she got her license and began to fly a lot. She quickly worked up the nerves to be the first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean and she made it successfully. Soon after that, she decided she wanted to try to fly all the way across the world. Her and navigator Fred Newman took off from California and didn't realize they were using inaccurate maps and that there was bad weather heading their way. Their trip was unsuccessful. At 8;43 Am on July 3rd, the US Coastguard Vessel received the last bit of communication from Amelia and Fred since they crashed. Nobody knows where the plane crashed or where Amelia and Fred ended up, but they were pronounced dead in January of 1939 after a long two years of searching.
Amelia Earhart - Mini Biography

Movie Questions

Why did Amelia try to avoid any conventional female life?

Why was Amelia only invited to fly over the Atlantic only as a passenger?

Impact of Amelia Earhart

Earhart helped both men and women realize that men aren't the only ones who can do fun things and get recognized for what they do. Women can make an impact on the world and have important roles also. Amelia helped change the way women were looked at in the 1920's.