Growing Readers Together

Summer, Week 10

"You can find magic where you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!"

Phonological Awareness

Phonological awareness is an awareness of the speech sounds within our language. It includes the ability to hear and manipulate individual sounds within words and the ability to rhyme. You can help your young reader develop these critical foundational skills by:

*Reading rhyming books together.

*Reading alliteration books together. (Words that begin with the same sound.)

*Listening to recordings of children's songs that play with words.

*Dr. Seuss books are great.

Research shows a strong connection between phonological awareness and success with reading.

A child who can rhyme has an easier time of reading and writing. It's oh, so exciting!

Help your child find books that feed her interests. Does she like horses, volcanoes, jokes, princesses, video games, kittens, or soccer? Take a trip to the library and READ ALL ABOUT IT.

I'm a soft and furry pet.

I have four legs and a long tail.

I have sharp teeth and claws.

I like to chase mice.

I am a . . .

Good readers know that we have two kinds of information: information that we read and information in our brains. We often have to use both kinds of information in order to gain meaning from what we read. This is called inferring. Good readers take clues from the text and combine it with information from their heads to better understand what they read. (As adults, we often call this "reading between the lines.") Inferring is not simply guessing. Instead, it is using clues within the text to understand what we are reading. A great and fun way to help your child learn to infer when reading is through solving riddles. Go to: to find some animal riddles that your young reader can read and solve. Click on the green arrow, then read and solve! It is never too early to help your child learn that readers are thinkers.

Happy reading to you and your child!