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Website Design Service

There are many different aspects that are required for a successful web design project; one of them is professional, compliant code. As a Web Design Company, we are often approached by potential clients that are happy with the aesthetics of their website; however, they are aware the coding side is letting them down. In this article, Epikta will briefly cover what is ‘code’ and why it is so important for the success of your web design project.

First of all, all websites contain HTML, this is then used to become a visible site by internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Edge etc.The main authority for web design standards is W3C, also known as The World Wide Web Consortium. W3C was founded in October 1994, by their founder Tim Berners-Lee.

One of the main advantages of standard compliant coding within your web design is that it helps ensure that it renders correctly on the majority of browsers, devices and operating systems.

Another advantage associated with standard compliant websites is that in theory they should load faster on the web browser, which has many advantages such as increased usability and can also help with search engine rankings as they can read your site easier. In addition, Moz seems to infer that faster loading sites are preferred by Google.

By adhering to website designing company standards, your web site should be more easily updatable. Following the W3C guidelines will create a structured backend for your website; it will also help aid developers working on your site as it will be in ‘order.’ As a web design company, nothing is more frustrating than working with code that is poorly written, we refer to it as opening up ‘Pandora’s box.’

How can you check if your website is standards compliant? The easiest way is to visit the W3C web site, and use their free validation service. By entering the URL address of the website you want to check, it will automatically look through the HTML coding of the chosen site and let you know if you have passed or failed. If your website has failed, it will list all the issues you have failed on.

Above are some of the reasons why it is important to make sure you create your website with clean, compliant code. If you would like to discuss any of the above in further detail or any web design project, contact Epikta USA on 310-741-2657, or