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Sochi 2014 Slopestyle Mark McMorris

    Mark McMorris is a Canadian snowboarder who specializes in the slopestyle and big air events. He was the first ever to complete a backside triple cork 1440 and won back-to-back gold medals in the 2012 and 2013 Winter X Games in the slopestyle event.

Mark McMorris childhood

Mark McMorris was born in Regina,Saskatchewan.McMorris attended Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School. Before mark started snowboarding he snowboarded and wakeboarded. Wakeboarding is like snowboarding but on snow. Mark has one brother his named craig.


Gold-2012 Aspen

Gold-2012 Aspen

Gold-2013 Aspen

Silver-2011 Aspen

Silver-2013 Stoneham

Silver-2013 Aspen

Silver-2014 Aspen


One major challenge for Mark is that he broke a rib at the x games a week before the Olympics.
Making Your Mark: The Snowboard Life of Mark McMorris (Official Teaser)