JJ Harris B.3


Physical Properties:





Chemical Properties:

*Moderately Reactive

*Does not catch fire unless in powder form

*Does not react with room temperature water

*Reacts with most acids to form Hydrogen air


*Making Paints

*Making Rubbers

*Making Cosmetics

*Produces super alloys


*One naturally occurring isotope is Cobalt 59

Ad Campaign: Cobalt!

Are you tired of the same old boring element? Need to switch it up but don't know what to switch too? Then you need to try Cobalt! In 1739, Georg Brandt discovered Cobalt in Sweden. He got the name from the German word, kobalt, meaning evil spirit. Cobalt in 27 on the periodic table and has been very useful ever since.

Interesting facts about Cobalt include many things. One interesting fact is that Cobalt is a reactive metal that is used in radio therapy. Another interesting fact about Cobalt is that when in it's powdered form, it is a fire hazard. Also, Cobalt is used in jet engines. Cobalt is an element with many interesting facts!

Cobalt can also be used for many things. You can make Cobalt into a magnet and can use it to hang things on the fridge! Cobalt is also used in power tools. A finally use of Cobalt is for artists and painters. The element Cobalt helps give the blue color to most glazes, which has been used for many centuries! Cobalt is a very useful element.