Rafting in the Rockies

Come Join Us Today! By:Larkyn Soletski 7-14

All About Us

Rafting in the Rockies is a family owned business since 1902. Our founder Louis Simerali was an Italian imagrant who came to Canada in 1887, at age four. With the Simerali family not having enough money to pay for their farm, Louis got a job south of Banff as a raft instructor. He later on loved it so much he decided that would be his new profession and would start up a buissness. Little did he know then, as time went on he would become a legacy. With over 100 years of expireance and dedicated service, we gurentee if you spend your vaycation with us you’ll have memories of a life-time!

Our River Rafting Locations!

What Should You Pack?

  • Swim Suit
  • Change of Clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • A lunch
  • A Towell
  • Waterproof Camera (optional)

Stay The Night!

Come and stay the night at our luxurious lodge! we will make you feel right at home! We have an indoor swimming pool, free WIFI, and a complimentary breakfast at the Rocky Lodge!

Come Visit Us Today!


5-13 years old- $65.00

14-19 years old- $72.00

20 and up- $80.00

Seniors- $65.00