A PROUD Picture

Things happening January 5-9, 2015

I pause to reflect...

I have had so much fun this week watching you have fun! Some of you won't admit it, but you have! :-) I am so glad we played together! I hope we will do this more often because we all need to laugh and have a good time.

Keep this up but do it with your family these next two weeks. Get some rest too and get ready for the downhill to this year. (hard to believe) I do appreciate and love each one of you! May you relax and have Christmas in your heart while wrapped in your happy family's love.

See you on January 5th!

January 5th PD Day

Please sign up before you leave for the holidays for our district PD day. As usual, you need to sign up in MLP. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT BECAUSE THIS IS HOW YOU ARE GETTING YOUR ANNUAL SHELTERED INSTRUCTION CREDIT!!!

Here are the locations of your training.

Reg ed and Resource teachers - ERES library


PE - KMS cafeteria/gym

Fine Arts - FHMS


Dyslexia - Texas rooms 2 & 3

Counselor - ERES

Librarians - FES library

IST - TMI cafeteria

Speech - Annex

Paras, who need to update their CPI training, must do it this day.

Guess what...?

  • Literacy Institute is 12 days (4 during school year and 8 in the summer). Days are designed to enhance authentic teaching in reading and writing for K-12 students. Participants will learn various writing strategies from a learner's perspective. Currently offering 2 sessions with 30 seats, per session. Hours received upon completion are 72 CPE, GT and Sheltered Instruction 6 hr updates
  • Make sure your jeans pass is visible, if you wear jeans on an unscheduled day! THANKS!
  • Some left their Leadership booklets on the tables after faculty meeting. Please come get another copy. Thanks!

Happy JANUARY Birthday!!

6 - Susan

17 - Kimberly T

18 - Michelle

18 - Anne

29 - Cynthia - (cafe)

30 - Lauri A

31 - Karen

Eagle Bucks to....

Brett and Danielle for all of the data organization they've done for us!

All of you who survived and had fun this week!

The Christmas elves who decorated my office so festively! I loved it!!!

What's happening this week?

5 - PD day

6 - According to EHBK(Legal): January 6: Sam Rayburn Day, in memory of that great Texas and American statesman, Sam Rayburn. Sam Rayburn Day shall be regularly observed by appropriate programs in the public schools to commemorate the birthday of Sam Rayburn. Gov't Code 662.041

4th grade lock down drill practice @ 8:05 - cafeteria

1st grade lock down drill practice @ 10:00 - cafeteria

7 - K lock down drill practice @ 8:05 - cafeteria

3rd grade lock down practice @ 9:10 - cafeteria

2nd grade lock down practice @ 9:55 - cafeteria

Anne out @ 12:00

8 - Faculty Meeting @ 3:20 Leadership Council hosts

STAAR Parent Training @ 6:00 in the library/classrooms

9 - It's Friday...need I say more? :-)