cinderella and yeh-shen

yeh shen vs cinderella

they are both the same

Both girl got married .both was treated badly. Girls dads both died . The themes are the same by treat others the way you want to be treated.

differences between the two

Cinderella went to a ball. yeh - shen went to a festival . yeh - shen had a fish fairy Cinderella had a fairy god mother.

5 Story Elements of Cinderella

  • characters Cinderella, YEH-SHEN, dad, stepsisters,stepmother
  • plot so they they both got married because of a fairy god mother/fairy fish-also not treated badly by her step mother
  • conflict she lost her shoes and had trouble getting home when she got caught leaving the ball

5 Story Elements of Yeh-Shen

Summary of Cinderella

Summary of Yeh-Shen