By: Makenzie and Claire

Wild animals are not mean't to make good pets. These animals need the proper environment, food, and socialization to thrive at a healthy level. In the US the ownership of captive animals is on the rise. As of 2012, more tigers live in homes than in the wild. This isn't even including the amount of tigers in zoos. Taking animals out of their natural environment can be dangerous for the animals and the owners.

What is captivity?

Captivity is the confinement of animals against their will. Captivity can result in mental and physical instability.

The Dangers

  • For Owners
Owning an exotic animal as a pet or in a zoo is highly dangerous. Wild animals are unpredictable and can injure keepers or even kill them. In the last 20 years 75 owners have been killed and over 543 injuries have been reported in the result of keeping an exotic pet in captivity.
  • For Animals
The damage done to animals isn't always physical; mental illnesses can develop in animals that are being held in captivity in zoos and homes. In the last 20 years, over 200 animals have died and over 55 animals have been injured.