temps. of water with food coloring.

BY:Ethan and Coley.


1.fill containers with 200mm of water.

2.put in 4 drops of food coloring in each container.

3.put lids on container with thermometer.

4.put container under solar sorce.

5.take temp every 5 min.for 20 min.

6.place container in shade.take temp every 5 min for 20 min.


was it successful.

Yes.We think it was successful because the temps were not to high or low.And we had enough time to get all the data.

Items used in project.

*Measuring cup



*plastic cups(lids)

*food coloring(blue,and yellow)

*solar energy


Our data gragh

Our Hypothesis

Our hypothesis was that the blue water would heat up FASTER than the yellow because it is darker.