By: Fara' O'Bryant

What's a Chef?

A chef cooks and prepares the foods. They make certain foods edible and they make others look better then taste.

Description of Responsibilities and Pay

  • You could be doing anything from having a restaurant to being a traveler accommodator with everything in between.
  • $41,610 is the average pay salary for a chef


  • Well-rounded knowledge about different cultures and history help you understand how different foods are cooked
  • Culinary arts school to learn different knife techniques and stock/sauce preparation

Duties of a Chef

  • Cook different foods,
  • Present food in a Beautiful way,
  • Prepare stocks and sauces,
  • Check how fresh to food is,
  • Order needed supplies,
  • Keep kitchen in order.......etc.
Becoming a Top Chef : What Does It Take to Become a Chef?

About Me

I am currently a high school at Joliet West High School. I am planning on attending The Art Institute in Chicago for the summer to get a headstart in learning the beginning and basics on cooking. For my sophmore year my class electives will evolve around the culinary idea and theme.


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