Modern and Vaudeville Dance

Rachel Rogers

Vaudeville (Broadway/Showtunes)

  • popular in the 1880s-1930s
  • evolved into many things including broadway dance
  • it was originally random acts that were unrelated put together in one show
  • "Vaudeville" comes from the expressing "voix de ville" which means "voice of the city"
  • the first vaudeville dancers were merely a part of the show
  • showtunes used for vaudeville are said to be originated from Librettist W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan
  • vaudeville type shows started in Europe and evolved in America after the Civil War
  • Famous dancers include: Maud Allan, Adele & Fred Astaire, and Bob Fosse
  • dances are very theatrical and intense


  • modern dance started in the very end of the 1890s
  • in 1891, Loie Fuller experimented with lighting and costume design. what she came up with was a form of natural movement and improvisation.
  • in 1898, Isadora Duncan had her first modern dance recitals where she revolutionized the way dance was seen.
  • modern dance stared in America
  • famous dancers: Ruth St. Denis, Martha Graham, and Ted Shawn