Bill Of Rights

Sean McGrath. U.S. History Period 1

What are the Bill of Rights?

The first ten amendments to the US Constitution, added in 1791 to protect certain rights of citizens.

1st Amendment: Freedom of speech, religion, and press.

You are allowed to say whatever, worship whoever, and print whatever you want.

2nd Amendment: Right to bear arms

You can be drafted into the military. You also have the right to protect yourself by carrying a gun.

3rd Amendment: Soldier Quartering

You will not be forced to house soldiers without your consent.

4th Amendment: Prevent against search and siezure

Police have to have a search warrant in order to search your house.

5th Amendment: Double Jeopardy

You cannot be charged for the same crime twice

6th Amendment: Right to trial

You cannot just sit in jail. You must be on trial as soon as possible.

7th Amendment: Right to trial by jury

You may have a trial by jury.

8th amendment: No cruel or unusual punishment

You have to be treated fairly.

EX: you cannot be hanged for taking a loaf of bread.

9th amendment: Unalienable Rights

You have all of the basic and fair rights.

10th amendment: I guess you can.

If there is no laws against something, you may do it

Amendment Court Cases

1st amendment court case: Freedom of assembly

Ramos vs. Town of Vernon

2nd amendment court case: Right to bear arms

Bliss vs Common Wealth

3rd amendment court case: Quartering Act

Man vs Nevada

4th amendment court case: Protect against search and siezure

Coolidge vs. New Hampshire

5th amendment court case: Double Jeopardy

Compary vs. Chicago

1st Amendment Violation

Ramos was angered with the town of Vernon. He was mad because he could not hang out with his friends at night. He believed it was unconstitutional because the first amendment states that you have the right of assembly.

2nd Amendment violation

Mr. Bliss was fined $100.00 because of a concealed blade in his cane. His 2nd amendment was violated because in the second amendment it states that you may protect yourself.

3rd Amendment Violation

A man in Nevada felt his 3rd amendment was violated when his house was filled with policeman when he got home.