Surviving Tips 4 The Wilderness

By:Khia Bishop

Surviving Tips 4 The Wilderness

Shelter-You Need A Shelter Because You Will Need Some Place To Stay In Case It Rains Or Snows

Food & Water-You Need Food And Water To Survive Because If You Don't Have That Then You Can Die

Emergency Kit-You Will Need An Emergency Kit Because In Case You Running For Somebody And Fall And Get A Bruise

Matches-You Will Need Some Matches Just In Case You Have To Make A Fire To Get Warm

Shoes-You Will Need Shoes So You Won't Accidentally Step On Something And Get And Cut Or Bruise

Knife-You Need A Knife Because What If Somebody Sneak Up On You And You Don't Have A Weapon

Clothes-You Need Clothes Because You Will Need To Shower Up Or If You Don't Have A Shelter At Least Look A Little Decent

Signal-You Will Need A Signal So When You Need Somebody You Can Get Their Attention

Map-You Will Need A Map Because You May Need To Know How To Get Out Of The Woods

Flashlight-You Will Need A Flashlight In Order For You To See Where To Go Unless You Like The Dark

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