The Horseback Rider Times

By: Morgan Portnell

What's News?

  • The Fishers moved to Florida because of their dad’s work.

  • Paul Fisher is trying out for the Lake Windsor Middle School soccer team.

  • Paul Fisher has terrible eye sight, but he still says that he can “see” everything.

  • While Erik Fisher and Author Bauer were practicing football, there were two girls sitting on a bench and watching them. These girls obviously liked them and wanted to be their girlfriends.

  • Paul and his mom realized when they arrived in Florida that there is a muck fire in the area. Nobody can control it, so you just have to get used to it.

  • Paul Fisher’s soccer coach told the team that there isn’t enough room for everyone to go to every game. This made Paul want to try really hard to prove to the coach that he should be one of the ones to go to the games.

  • The principle gave Paul an assistant so that he could find his way around without getting lost or not knowing where to go. Paul was upset about this because he says that he can see, but no one believes him.

  • Mike Costello died because he was struck by lightning.

  • Lake Windsor Middle School experiences storms every day, so it no longer effects the people living there.

  • Paul Fisher was shocked when he found out that the new school was so much different from his old school because the only ones that were actually in the building were the 6th graders, and since he is no longer in that grade, that meant that he was put into the wooden cabins outside along with the 8th graders. This was so much different than being in a classroom in the building.

Erik Fisher Football Dream Update

Paul and Erik are brothers, but they are nothing alike. They have many differences. Even though they both are passionate about their sport, they still have many differences. To start off with, Erik is a football player, which makes his father very happy. His father wished that he could have been a part of his college football team, but since he was too small, this makes him want Erik to get better and better so the same thing won't happen for his son. Paul however is so much different. His parents allow him to be on the soccer team, but they aren't as passionate about his sport as they are about Erik's. Another difference that I have found is one that is inferred. Since Erik is a star football player and there is a girl that seems to want to date him, I have inferred that Erik is more on the popular side in his school than he is nerdy. He also teased Paul by calling him "Eclipse Boy". I also seem to realize that Paul seems to be more on the nerdy side than anything else. One last difference about Paul and Erik is that their mom seems to be around Paul more while their dad seems to be more around their Erik. To me, this means that Paul is more of a mommy’s son than a daddy’s son. This may not make any sense, but if you think about it, Erik does seem to be more athletic than Paul, which makes sense because he hangs around with his dad more. Now I could go on and on about how different these two brothers are, but there just isn't enough time, so in conclusion, even though these two boys will always be different, they will always be brothers.

Tragedy Strikes