Bobwhite Quail

Colinus virginianus

Physical Description

Color- Brown, red and black mix, males have a bold black and white head pattern. Females have buffy throat and eyebrows.

Length- 20.3 to 24.7 cm

Wingspan- 9 to 12 cm

Weight- 140 to 170 grams

Description- Small round heads and round bodies with short tails

Plumage- an array of black, brown, cinnamon and white


They travel in coveys and run across the ground from shrubby area to shrubby area. When scared they explode with flight with quick wind beats and then duck into the nearest cover. Typically live in open pine forests and overgrown fields.

Migration Patterns and Population

Bobwhites primarily live in the southern united states. They typically don't migrate anywhere out of their regions, although if conditions get too extreme they will migrate north or south to be more comfortable. The population of Bobwhites has been steadily declining for the past few years.

Interesting Facts

-the male's advertising call is a whistled "bob-white" or "bob-bob-white" while other calls include a low whistled "ka-lo-kee" and various clucks.
Northern Bobwhite Quail