The Year of the Hangman

Author: John Blackwood, Smore by: Nick Bergan


When: Late 1700's, roughly around 1777

Where: -Starts in England

-Mainly in New Orleans-Louisiana

-Some Mid England colonies



  1. Creighton gets kidnapped and taken to his uncle in secret by his mothers friend.
  2. Creighton finds out a truth from his uncle about the whereabouts of his dad.


  1. Creighton goes with his uncle to New Orleans, Louisiana to fight.
  2. Their voyage ends as their ship gets taken by the Americans and Creighton goes as a spy with a slave cover as his uncle and England loyalists get jailed.
  3. Creighton gives his uncle secret messages, eventually about the location of the print shop-the origin of the rebel/American plans.
  4. Creighton befriends Peter, Franklin, and Sophie.


  1. Creighton finds the print shop ablaze and finds it was done by the English disguised as natives.
  2. Franklin dies shortly after the print shop becomes on fire.
  3. Creighton goes with Arnold and Peter to the Colonies as spies in order to find Washington.
  4. The group infiltrates St. Marks town to the jail for the alleged location of Washington and finds Creighton's dad.
  5. Peter breaks them out and they all go back home to New Orleans.