call of duty black ops 3


sneak attack

sometimes you have to sneak attack the screen turns black and white you get a knife and

stab the person in the neck so they can't talk and no one can hear you so that they won't

notase you so they won't shoot you. you can throw a smoke grenade also so they can't see

you and you shoot them they hear you but they can't see you so you can kill them. thats

what you need to no about sneak attack.

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tanks and helicopters

in black ops 3 you can get helicopters and get helicopters you have to kill 12 people your helicopter has guns tanks shoot explosives thats what you need to no about

tanks and helicopters

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zombie mode

in call of duty black ops 3 there is a zombie mode you are in a ware house thats abandoned

you have barricades you can re build them when the zombies attack you pay coins you

get coins from shooting zombies and you can also buy new guns with coins you can use the

coins to get more space. you have a mastery chest when you use it you get a random gun

thats what you need to now about zombie mode

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in campaign you fight robots there is levels you have to complete all the levels you also

can get a exoskeleton to fight thats what campaign is.

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team death mach

in team death mach you have two teams you fight which ever team has the most points wins you can camp camping is were you hide and shoot when ever someone coms from the other team you shoot. you can't shoot people who are on your team because you will

die because friendly fire is not enabled so you should not shoot people on your team.

you are a super solder you can punch through glass and can up walls. you can get gravity

spikes you put them down and they make a big explosion


there are automatic guns that shoot fast snipers shoot long distance
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Best weapons

  • dragons breath
  • rpg
  • death machine gun
  • cross bow explosive tip
  • sniper


you have bulet proof vests thats all the armor you have a grenade belt that has lots of grenades you can throw you have a holster thats all the armor
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special weapons

you can get bows you can get scopes for the bows bows shoot one arrow at a time the

bows are silent they don't make noise thats what you need to now about the bow

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playing the game

in call of duty the right trigger is shoot you press L2 and R2 you use the joy stick to move

you can also get points you can buy guns that is the main controls


you can vote for the map you want to play which ever map gets the most votes wins you

always have two maps to choose from you get you all vote on which map you all think is good to play on. you can talk to people if you have a mike you can make a plan. Thats all the info.