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Technology Tips for Families with Elementary Students

How to be Tech-Savvy Parents

Technology changes so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up. Children often know more about technology than the adults around them. This newsletter is designed to provide you with current articles, resources, and other information to help you stay ahead of the game.


Tech Resources For Kids At Home

Click this link for a collated list of online videos, games, activities, and even virtual tours to engage children.

Comcast offering 'Internet Essentials' package free for low-income customers for 60 days

Comcast announced Thursday it will be increasing speeds for the Internet Essentials program, and making the program free to new low-income customers for two months, amid the coronavirus outbreak. Click here to learn more.

Kids Home From School? How to Survive

Having kids at home when we were expecting them to be at school is always tricky. One snow day is very different from a week or longer or the uncertainty of a future closure looming. Are you already home because of virus-related school closures? Here's an article by Devorah Heitner, PhD. with some ideas to keep busy.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Phone

With the concern about the COVID-19 Coronavirus right now, it seems like a good time to bring back the talk about the best ways to clean your phone, or disinfect it entirely. Also, your kids’ phones (ahem). Because while it’s important to know the best way to wash your hands, it’s a little counterproductive to to dry off those newly clean hands, only pick up a germy phone and start tapping on that phone screen. Click here to read the rest of this article.

Parenting, Media, and Everything In Between Tweens, Teens, and Phones: What Our 2019 Research Reveals

Click here to read about Common Sense Media's latest census that reveals the shifting nature of kids' online experiences.

Use Your Phone Less (with Tools from Apple, Google, Snapchat and More)

From screen limits to break reminders to Do Not Disturb, OS and app settings may help us break unhealthy digital habits and tune into what's really important. Common Sense Media shares these tips and ideas to help.


Do you listen to podcasts with your kids? It's a great way to make a long car trip feel shorter or even a good bedtime story. Check out these podcast lists from Common Sense Media for kids and tweens/teens.


Does your kid talk endlessly about Tilted Towers and V-Bucks? Do his shouts of "Revive me! Revive me!" ring throughout your home? Check out these articles to learn more:


Social Media and Children

Our children have grown up in a world where the Internet has always been there, but this isn't necessarily true for parents. Social media can be difficult for children to safely navigate, and parents may not have any personal experience with it. Take a look at these articles for guidance:

Take Control of Your Child's iDevice

Looking for tools that let parents know, and feel good about, what kids are doing with their Apple products? Start by checking out Apple Families section of their website.

Then read these other useful articles:

Minecraft Resources

If you've got a kid who loves Minecraft, click on the button above to see resources for parents.

YouTube Resources

Let's face it, kids love watching videos. Websites like YouTube offer a wealth of videos ranging from cute kitties falling from high places to tutorials on practically any subject. While YouTube can help helpful and fun, there is also a lot of other content that may not be appropriate for all ages. Check out some articles below to help steer you and your child in the right direction:

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