Arkansas Between The Wars

By: Grace Posey

Post War in AR

Oil Boom of El Dorado

In the small town of El Dorad, Ar Samuel T. Busy was drilling into the ground when it began to rumble and eventually shot shot gallons and gallons of oil. Once word got out about the oil strike many people hurried to it in hope of striking the oil.

Flood of 1927

In 1927 a devastating flood from the Mississippi River damaged Arkansas very badly. Some counties were buried in water up to 30 ft. deep. Many were left homeless so Red Cross opened a total of 50 camps to house feed and clothe the thousands of homeless people.

Great Depression and New Deal

The Great Depression in Arkansas was horrible for their economy. Women that had jobs were discriminated against, men were leaving their families to find work, and the state was borrowing money to expand roads which just put them in more financial trouble. By the end of the depression Arkansas was $160 million in debt and could not make their bond payments. With the new president came a new deal, which promised to create agencies and programs to help feed people with no food, and to give jobs to the people without a job, President Roosevelt wanted to build a healthier stronger economy, He gave hope, jobs and relief to many in Arkansas and across the nation.