School Opening Update

September 2, 2020

Message from the Superintendent- Kristen Vogel

We are thrilled to have all of our educators back in our buildings this week! They have been busy with reconnecting, setting up classrooms, learning new technology and programs and collaborating with each other. But most importantly, they are excited to see your children, their students again!! Over the next few weeks, our educators will be preparing for their students in our hybrid plan. In our plan, our teachers will be engaging with the students in their classroom and with the students who are home, depending on their cohort. This is an entirely new way to teaching and learning for both teachers and students. We ask for patience and grace as we begin the school year. It is going to take time to get all of our students safely into our buildings and logged on. We are going to have days where it runs and works better than others.

You will find a link to a form that we need completed by Friday. We are asking for a commitment to either hybrid or full remote learning for your children. We also need to know if you plan on using bus transportation(live beyond 2 miles of school) or dropping off/picking up this year. This information is important for us to finalize bus routes and determine set up for morning and afternoon drop off to and pick up from school.

We have also included information about materials pick ups/orientations at each of the schools and the link to our Covid Handbook.

Below you will see pictures of our signage, cafeteria and classroom set ups.

Thank you for all of your support as we plan to bring our students back to school safely and responsibly.

Final Reopening Form

We need information from families if you are choosing full remote (cohort D) and transportation information by Friday. Thank you!

Chromebook Distribution

There is a world wide delay in chrome book shipments. We may not have every chrome book we ordered in by the end of next week for distribution. We will be able to distribute a chrome book to grades 5-8 next week. We will know more on the status of the K-4 chrome books the middle of next week. Currently the delivery date for the 9th grade chrome books is the end of October. If you indicated that your child has a device he/she can use, they may have to use this device for the first few weeks of school. If you are looking to purchase a device for your child, you should choose a chrome book or a laptop that is portable if they are in hybrid. ipads and tablets may not have the full functionality that is needed.

If you indicated in our July survey that you were in need of device(s) we will be providing you with a chrome book.

Once we receive the chrome books, we will distribute them to all of our students. We are committed to providing a device for every student. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Parent Technology Forum

During the spring remote learning, our technology department created this forum for parent to submit questions related to technology. We will be doing the same this fall and encourage you to direct your technology questions to the forum at

Bus Transportation Information

  • Only providing transportation to students in K-8 who live more than 2 miles from their school. Any student who live on Broadway or across Route 1 will be transported(k-12)

  • Parents and Guardians should check the mileage to their address to the respective school using google maps to determine eligibility for transportation.

  • We will not provide transportation to ALL kindergarten students- only if they live more than 2 miles or on Broadway/across Route 1.

  • Only high school students who live on Broadway or across Route 1 will be transported.

  • Some bus routes and stops have changed. Parents should check the bus routes once they are posted on our website and emailed out.

  • Bus routes and stops will be posted on our website and on each school website and the Reentry website before school starts. They will not be in the newspaper.

  • Masks are required for ALL students riding the bus- no exceptions.

  • Students must hand sanitize upon entering and exiting the bus. The bus driver will have hand sanitizer.

  • One student per bench- seats will be marked. Siblings may sit together.

  • Bus windows will remain open at all times. Two inches in cold or rainy weather.

If you plan on NOT using bus transportation even though you live beyond two miles of your child's school, please email our transportation coordinator at or call at 781-334-9200 ext. 9215

School Specific Classroom Materials Pick Up/Orientation Schedule

Building principals will be sending more detailed information home to families next week about picks ups and orientations. Stay tuned!

  • LMS- Thursday/Friday 9/10 and 9/11morning pick up classroom materials and available chromebooks

  • SSS- Next Friday 9/11 to pick up back to school kits.

  • HHS- Friday 9/11

  • LHS- 9th grade orientation on September 9th, 10th grade on the 10th, 11th grade on 11th, 12th grade on 14th- by cohorts

Covid Handbook

We created this document as a reference for our families and staff.

Lynnfield Community Schools Information

Dear Families:

We are pleased to share that Community Schools’ Child Care online registration for hybrid and remote learning days is currently open.

We ask that you take the time first to create your family's "Household" account. This will allow you to put in all of your (meaning parent/guardian) contact information, emergency contacts, and create individual accounts for your children - all under one account. This will allow for easier registration for any program we offer - including child care, after school activities, and vacation and summer programs.

As a reminder, due to the COVID-19 reopening guidelines including spacing requirements and staffing, we have limited registration availability. Registration is first come, first served; however, we are looking to prioritize families who can commit to three days of remote learning care.

Starting Tuesday, September 8th, we will open registration to families needing one or two days of remote care. We are honoring the families first who have already reached out to ask for this and will continue to process registrations as we receive them via email.

Once you are on our registration website, you’ll be able to see how the child care programs are offered. We have designed them to reflect the district’s cohort schedules. This means you’ll be registering your child for BEDS, LEDS, MSC, or REMOTE by whether they are in Cohort A, Cohort B (Blue), or Cohort C (Gold).

Our pricing is $7/hour, which is reflected in all of our pricing. For LEDS and MSC, the pricing options are based on pick-up times (as LSC has done in the past). Remote learning care is priced per day, with the three days bundled as one registration. There is only a full day option for remote learning care.

In addition, as a way to help families financially during this time, we are excited to offer a 25% sibling discount for remote learning care if families have more than one child attending on remote days. We can also offer a discount to families with free and reduced lunch.

Community Schools Child Care Schedule & Locations



(all school-based locations)

Remote Learning Care

Cohort A

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Wednesday (at Lynnfield Middle School)

Cohort B

Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday (at Lynnfield Middle School)

Thursday, Friday (at Lynnfield Senior Center)

Cohort C

Thursday & Friday

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (at Lynnfield Senior Center)

To begin creating your “Household” account, please visit:

We have worked hard to design a child care program that will benefit the majority of Lynnfield families, given the unusual circumstances surrounding the pandemic. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we enter this new part of the school year. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you,

Sarah Perkins


Lynnfield Community Schools