Post Apocalyptic Society

By- Mitch Jones, Diego Griffiths,


One day there was a peaceful place called Las Vegas and everyone was happy and living in peace. The robots were doing their weekly lawn chores, the dog was playing outside, the kids were screaming as always. But outside of Las Vegas there was war. soldiers risking their lives and losing them in the process. In case of war coming to Las Vegas there were high tech bomb shelters, room for everyone, including the pets. on June 6, 2177 the bombs went off. the tanks were coming to Las Vegas. All of the Bomb Shelter employees were yelling at everyone to get in the shelter because of two things. they were reports of a nuclear bomb going off and the army called ISIS were coming to attack Las Vegas. 75% of the population survived and made it. 25% died a horrible death. As soon that they got the all clear signal everyone got out of the shelter and saw... complete destruction. the trees were knocked down on their homes, the streets were destroyed along with their homes. Now they have to rely on each other to survive. and all they have is the shelter and the town.

Rights / Laws

1. When a child turns 18+ they have to do farm work or other chores that help ensure survival for the community.

2. No killing, stealing, or harassing others.

3. No Vandalizing other peoples properties.

4.Full meals are not given to those who do not work.

5.Children don't get full meals like their parents do.


If a child is 18+ and does not work for Las Vegas they will be separated from the family and will be in a cell with little food and water.

If you commit a murder you will be executed, if you have stolen and have not given back the item within 1 hour of the theft you will have all of your item put in the bomb shelter safe and you will have to pay a fine of $100 to get them back.

If you vandalize other people's properties, they will receive 48 hours of jail time and will have to pay for the damage that the have done.


The citizens are very dirty poor people. they were torn up cloths and they do many farming jobs. They have children. the children look very skinny and wear hand me downs from their parents. the younger kid at are younger than 10 years old play hop scotch, baseball, football, basketball with a rock, shoot guns at cans over, and over, and over again, or sit and wait for food and water. The citizens live in the old homes that somehow survived the nuclear blast. The Boys do jobs on the East (Right) side of the Bomb Shelter and the girls do theirs on the West (Left) side of the bomb shelter.
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There are three Pediatrician to take care of children health needs.

There are three Doctors for adult check ups and prescriptions

Then there are two nurses for each doctor

Dentist are on the opposite sides of the facility in the west and east wing because there are two. Same goes for the doctors one on the north wing, one on the north wing, one on the east, and one on the west. But none in he south wing because of well the rumors.


The farmer is a crucial job for everyone's survival because they provide the food and milk for everyone. Without the farmers, everyone would be dead. Nurses and doctors are also an important job. they make sure everyone is healthy and make sure there are no diseases spreading around the town. The wall guards are a great defensive job. they make sure no terrorist come and attack the town. the fishers go out to sea and collect fish, crabs, lobsters, and other things. Occasionally they will catch a shark and have a meal equivalent to a thanksgiving meal. Teachers are another important job. They make sure the children are prepared for adulthood. For the boys, they teach them how to farm, shoot a gun, and how to survive on your own. For the girls they teach them how to do indoor activities like doing the laundry.


Diary Entry

May 14 ,2184

I'm so excited I'm six exactly today. I get to have a full meal tonight. I don't work until I'm ten and they don't give you actual meals unless it’s your birthday or you work. Every day is pretty much the same still. Mommy and Daddy get woken up by a loud machine at six in the morning to go to work. I get woken by my loud machine later at 8:00 am I feed my dog then head off to Mrs. Sly for her to teach me Elegance then history. After eating a slight snack from those lessons I then spend the rest of my time getting a lecture on how the bomb shelter functions. Once I finish my daily schooling I headed through the north wing to the west wing because no one goes through the south wing because it has said to be a place with scary stuff. Once I get to the west wing I go home. Mom works at home as a Nurse so patients come in our house all the time. I take a nap for two hours when I wake up two guards to make sure we haven’t broken any rules. They do it every weak they like mean probably because they are big and strong. Dad got home same time as always 6:00. We eat ten minutes after he gets home and since it’s my birthday I get a full meal. Everyone in the bomb shelter uses their sink to shower so do we. After I rinse myself go to bed and start to dream on the wildest things.