Week 13 Assignment

Resourceful Tools for the Classroom

Website Resources

Fibonacci Number Sequence Game

This game about the Fibonacci number sequence would be a great resource for teachers, especially if math is something that makes you nervous to teach, because for me that is the subject I am most worried about. This game will engage students through the various Fibonacci puzzles.

Art and Kids

Art is a great way for students to express themselves, and I think it is something that should be implemented in the classroom. This game allows students to send there art work via email to their parents, or an e card. Art and Kids is a great resource that would be fun to utilize in my future classroom.

Third Grade Thinkers

Third Grade Thinkers is a great resource because it has many cute ideas to implement into the classroom, it has a first day activity that talks about various feelings experienced on the first day of school, which I think would make students feel comfortable. There is also other cute ideas on this site such as "My Museum" seems to be similar to show and tell it is where students bring in various objects and things that define them as a person or represent them, this is a cute get to know you activity. This site also had a cute example of a word closet, it was replacing words like said, with words like reply.

Best Science Apps for Kids

Science can often be a subject that many students struggle with, I think a student would be much more excited about playing a game or dissecting a frog rather than reading a text book. This website has the Best Science Apps for Kids there are apps that have good science books to read as well as a physics app where you design your own roller coaster and then can virtually take it for a ride.

Classroom Management

Classroom Management is something that is very important as well as something that is so crucial for a classroom to run smoothly. This website has multiple ideas for effectively managing your classroom. One example that would be good to utilize in my future classroom would be the scoop jar, every time the class gets a compliment from another adult in the building they receive a scoop of popcorn kernels, once the jar is completely full the students receive a party. This is a good incentive idea to use in the classroom.

Classroom Environment

The way a classroom is set up can greatly affect the classes behavior and how comfortable or uncomfortable a student feels. Since students are spending so much time in the classroom I think it is very important to have a clean, organized, and welcoming classroom. This site gives many examples on how to accomplish a classroom that is cute and organized.

The 50 states

The 50 states website is a great resource for students to use to learn the 50 states, it has facts about the states, as well as other useful information. This could be a very useful vital tool for students when they are learning their states and capitals to refer to so they can learn other information about the states as well.

The Presidents

The American President this game has information about the each president and their history. There is also a game where you pretend that you are the campaign manager and are trying to elect the next leader. This would be a good resource for teachers to use so students can get a feel for how the campaign process works, I think this game would stimulate students interest in Presidential debates and generally learning facts about the President.

Extreme Spelling

The game, Extreme Spelling was exciting and interactive for students, it is somewhat challenging so students will enjoy playing it. It would be a good resource for a spelling lesson. Also, it could be a great alternative for indoor recess.

Crossword Puzzles

This website had a variety of different types of crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles can be resourceful in the classroom for indoor recess or during drop off in the morning or pick up at the end of the day. Crossword puzzles help students test their knowledge on a subject.


You can watch your favorite PBS kids television shows, for example Curious George, and the Cat in the hat. There is a new "weekly pick" video for kids to see, this is kid safe.

Motion Math: Hungry Fish

This game helps students practice their addition an subtraction while playing a fun game involving a fish that gobbles up your answers!

Hooked on Words

This game is somewhat like a crossword puzzle game, it is simply a game where you make words out of a random assortment of letters. This game would be good practice for recognizing words and letter placement.

Brain Quest

Brain Quest is an interactive game where students must answer questions correctly to help Casey, Jake, and Gizmo the three characters find their way on their quest for knowledge!

Seasons and Weather

These are Science games for preschool and kindergarteners! This game will help students recognize various weather situations in different seasons, and will teach students all about appropriate clothing to wear due to the weather.

How many do you see?

This learning about numbers video is an interactive video for students to learn how many of something there is. For example 5 butterflies appear on the screen and then the video asks the students to identify how many there are, after some wait time the video informs the students of the right answer.


This video gives examples of different objects added together to produce the right answer, for example 2+2=4 was represented by 2 apples + 2 apples = 4 apples. This is a fun interactive way for students to practice addition.


This spelling video is a great way for kids to make associations with letters and objects that start with that letter. For example there is a B and then a picture of a bed appears, then the whole word BED is spelled out. This would be good practice for kindergarten and first graders.


Why do we brush? was a fun video that focuses on the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth, it explains what plaque and gum disease are. Health and hygiene are two things that need to be taught in schools, considering some students parents will not teach them these things.


Mr. McGruff is the safety dog from the D.A.R.E. program that is implemented in many schools, its a program about safety. This video is an anti-bullying video that would be a good resource for teachers to show their students. I think kids would enjoy the dog and animations.