Buddy Classes

1/2 Lester & 5/6 Jennings

This Term we have been very lucky to work with Stage 3 students as part of our recent school 'buddy system'. Our buddy class is 5/6 Jennings. Each student has been carefully paired with a stage 3 buddy student and so far they have been working very well together. We have been visiting Mrs Cutri and 5/6 Jennings in their classroom for buddy reading sessions where we read to each other. This is an excellent way to practise and further develop our reading and comprehension skills. We have also had the opportunity to work with 5/6 Jennings in the computer room. They have been teaching us many new skills on the computers. Stage 3 students are enjoying the opportunity to share their expertise and take on the role of 'teacher' and mentor to their younger peers.

We look forward to working with 5/6 Jennings more and having them visit our classroom in the future!

What are the benefits?

School buddy systems have many benefits. Older students learn to take on responsibility, while younger students know they have a fellow student to turn to for support. These systems promote confidence and engagement with learning, as well as friendships between peers of different ages. A sense of community is fostered in the classroom and school and the friendships created enable students to feel more connected with their school and can increase the likelihood of more positive school behaviour for all students.