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Mrs. Lakey's Class Happenings

Upcoming Dates and Events

* October 9th - No School - Teacher's Professional Development Day
* October 16th - End of 1st Quarter
* October 19th - Scott Trunk or Treat (Info. Coming Soon)
* October 25th-26th - Parent Teacher Conferences (Info. Coming Soon)
* October 26th and 27th - No School

Special Classes:
Monday 10/2 - P.E.
Tuesday 10/3 - Art/Music
Wednesday 10/4 - Music and Library (Please Return Books from Home)
Thursday 10/5 - P.E.
Friday 10/6 - Art


We will still continue to work on our place value unit. We are now working with all three different place value spots, Hundreds, Tens, and Ones. The students are doing a great job with this. We will continue to look at different ways to represent numbers such as standard form, expanded form, and word form. We have been discussing the difference between a number and a digit, as well as the difference between the place the digit is located and the value in which it is.

Reading, Writing, and Word Work

Reading: In reading we will continue to work on monitoring for meaning as well as begin looking into comprehension strategies. We will discuss text to text to connections as well as text to self connections. Being able to make connections in side what we are reading can help us better understand what we are reading. We will also begin to look at visualizing and how making pictures in our mind can help us understand what we are reading also.

Writing: In writing we will continue to discuss the writing process and what that looks like. We will discuss what our writing process will be like in our room and how we will go about this. We will also begin to look at sentence structures and discuss verbs, nouns, and adjectives and why these are important in our writing.

Word Work (Phonics) - We will continue to work on our Sight Words of the week. We will continue to work with vowel town and discus those vowel buddies and R controlled vowels. We will also begin to look at multi-syllable words and what that means and how to find the syllables in words.

Last Weeks Words: name, good, sentence, man, think
This Weeks Words: say, great, where, help, through

Notes from the Desk Mrs. Lakey

We are going to be beginning a special time in our day called Pirate Time. This is going to be happening within our entire grade level and everyone will be participating. We are using this time in our day to begin some more individualized instruction to our students in areas where they are showing it is needed. We will be using Pre-Tests every one to two weeks to guide us in our instruction and grouping of the students. We will divide the students into groups where there instruction is needed most and provide more individualized instruction and strategies for these groups. The students will be rotating between the three second grade teachers as well as Mrs. Barber, one of our Scott's learning mentors. This is going to be an amazing opportunity for us to try to meet the learning needs of our students and provide a chance for them to receive multiple teaching styles and strategies. If you have any questions please let me know. I hope everyone has a great week and Happy October!

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