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Ipadio Description

With Ipadio you can broadcast, record, play, and share up to 60 minutes of audio. This app is perfect for anyone; teachers, students, parents, etc. You can even save your audio on your device so you never lose them!

Now ipadio also can also convert your voice to text!

Cool Features

You can make public and private calls straight from the app, you can pick up embed codes and RSS feeds for a website, you can also download the MP3s you made along with others that other people mad, and you can record for up to 60 minutes of time!

The Ipadio App

Why is this good for Teachers?

With Ipadio, what you could do is create a community and with this community you can create podcasts for your students to listen to at home!!

It would kind of be like you personally tutoring tutoring your students at their homes!

It would change the way people learn dramatically!