Rights and Responsibilities

Rhett Lammers

Someones rights while using the internet

There are many rights for someone while using the internet, and I am going to list three of these rights to you. The first right is that people can use any site for research or a project as long as you do not plagiarize and copy that persons work. The second right is that you can shop on any website, but be smart because if do not use a secure cite someone can steal your credit information. The final right is that you can use any social media sight as long as you do not use the social media sights the wrong way.
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Someones responsibilities while using the internet

You have to be smart and responsible while using the internet. Here are some responsibilities while online. The first responsibility is that you cant be doing dumb things while using the internet, use common sense and if someone asks for something bad do not send it to them. The second thing is that you have to be safe and aware while online. Don't give strangers your address or tell them your cell phone number. The final responsibility is be nice while using the internet. If you are constantly swearing or bullying schools or bosses can go online and see what you or saying! This can cost you a job!

Thank you for reading this smore! Remember be smart while online!