Hawaii Volcano National Park

Located in Hawaii

Erupting Facts on Hawaii Volcanos

  • Established in 1916
  • Highest volcano 13,677 ft. above sea level
  • There are 25 vascular endangered species of at the national park
  • 60 to 70 miles below the water surface is the Kilauea Volcano
  • Located on the island of Hawaii
  • This national has over population of insects
  • Most of the Volcanoes have been erupting since 1920
  • The volcanoes are monuments of the Earth's origin
  • 323,431 acres
  • Part of the United States of America
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Why Hawaii National Park Should Be Funded?

My park should be funded because it is a historical landmark.

There are all these vascular plants arounda volcano and when that volcano erupts the lava flows down and kills the plants. Plus this park has beautiful scenery

and we have to keep that scenery clean. So we have to pay money to buy cleaning supplies. For the plant problem when they get ruined we can buy fertilizer and fertilize the plants.All of these Volcanoes are AWESOME!