Football Hero

By: Tim Green




Ty-12 year old boy who lives with his aunt and uncle.

Thane- Ty's older brother is a wide receiver for the New York Jets. He is about 23 years old.

Ty and Thane's parents died in a car crash.

Conflict -

Internal Conflict- Ty doesn't want to tell Thane how mean his aunt and uncle are to him because he doesn't want him to worry.

External Conflict-Uncle Gus and his mob friends are using Ty to get information on the injured players to sell to people for their fantasy football teams or to use for betting on the NFL games.


Where- The story takes place in several locations in New Jersey such as: a small trailer home, a bar, Ty's middle school, and the Jets Training Facility.

When- It takes place present day around 2000. In addition, it occurs during the fall months of September and October.

Rising Action-

There are several important events that happen to lead up to the climax. First, Ty gets a work permit so he can clean toilets for his uncle's cleaning business. Next, Ty gets bullied at his new school, both on the football field and in school. To stop the bullying, Ty has to prove himself to his teammates. He does this by becoming the fastest kid on the team. Soon after, Thane signs a multi-million dollar contract as a first round draft pick for the New York Jets. Finally, Uncle Gus forces Ty to get involved in an illegal scam to get money. This illegal scam involves the mob.


In the book Football Hero, the climax of the story occurs when Ty and Thane get pulled over by the F.B.I. They have no idea why they have gotten pulled over, or at least Thane doesn't know, but Ty is worried. Two F.B.I. agents take Ty and Thane to an abandoned warehouse. The two agents explain to Ty and Thane that they are in big trouble. Why would two brothers be involved in trouble with the F.B.I.? But Ty knows exactly why the F.B.I. wants to talk to them.


The main character Ty, in the book Football Hero, is brought to life in many ways through characterization. Ty Lewis is a middle schooler whose parents have died in a terrible car accident. Since his older brother Thane is starting his new career in the NFL, Ty has to live with his mean and rude Uncle Gus and Aunt Virginia. One day when Ty comes home from school he notices that he has received a envelope in the mail. Hoping for freedom inside the envelope, "...Ty's heart pattered as he read..." that he received a work permit. He is so disappointed that he will know have to work for Uncle Gus' cleaning business. Ty wants Thane to worry about his football career and not Ty. So there are some times throughout the story that Ty reassures Thane that everything is fine at his aunt and uncle's house, even though it really isn't. Finally, Ty's character is brought to life through the school football team that he is trying to be a part of. Unfortunately, Ty has to deal with bullies and finding his own place on the football team at school. Ty really wants to play football, but Calvin West, a teammate, is making him want to quit the team. In conclusion, the main character, Ty, in the book Football Hero, shows who he is in many ways through characterization.


The theme of this story is that you should never give up until it is over. You should give every last ounce of energy you have. Ty and Thane are both determined people who don't let the past bring them down. They give everything they have on the football field. For example, in a conversation between the two brothers, Thane tells Ty that if you want to be a champion, you never quit. When Calvin West keeps doing illegal moves on Ty during football practice, Ty does not give up and keeps running his routes. Thirdly, Ty is forced to work at his uncle's cleaning service right after school and doesn't get home until midnight on school nights. Ty doesn't get done because of the unfair treatment from his uncle. He makes the best of a bad situation. Therefore, Ty is a determined and strong person even though is faced with many obstacles to become a better football player.


Dialogue is used in the story to show feelings of the characters. First, Thane and Ty have a conversation about Ty wanting to give up on his football dream. But Thane gives Ty a lecture about not giving up because otherwise he will never be a champion. In addition, Thane has a conversation with Ty when he finds out that Calvin West is picking on Ty during football practice. Thane teaches Ty some tricks to beat Calvin. Dialogue helps the reader understand the feelings of the characters.

Figurative Language

In the book Football Hero, there are many examples of figurative language. One example is the part where Aunt Virginia is mad at Ty because he came home late from school. The author writes, "Her words trembling with rage." This is figurative language because it is an example of personification. I chose this example because it really shows how mad she is. Another strong example is at the part where Coach V is talking about how fast Ty is. Coach V says, "...with a long arrow sprouting from him like a spear." This is an example of a simile. I chose this example because it shows that Coach V thinks Ty is a great player and a secret weapon of the football team. The final example is a part in the book where Ty is observing Uncle Gus and his appearance. Ty describes Uncle Gus hair " thick as a rug." This is an example of a simile. I chose this example because Ty really doesn't like Uncle Gus and his description shows his dislike for Uncle Gus. In conclusion, figurative language helps make the story come to life for the reader.