George Lucas creating 'Star Wars'

by: Landon P period 5

George Lucas a man with brilliance, and a mind of savagery. George Lucas the man who created 'Star Wars'. How can somebody think of all of the galaxies, characters, planets, and machines, I didn't know until I studied on his life and how he became such a smart person. Who or what inspired him? How did he create 'Star Wars'? These are all questions we need to ask to find out about George Lucas and him creating 'Star Wars'.

Lets start out with his career. When he was a little boy he was a car enthusiast. He wanted to be a professional driver. Him and his dad went to a formula one race and he was amazed, until he saw someone wreck and that wreck took the drivers life. After that he stopped wanting to be a pro driver and he started to be interested in camera (being behind the camera being a director). Many years later he set of to collage of Southern California the collage known for its film-making.

George released his first movie called THX-1138. People hated the movie with bad acting bad graphics and bad sound. George said that every person makes a mistake, so he set out to make a new movie. American Graffiti (1974) was his second release. It was a success! Harrison Ford was a actor in that movie also it grossed over 50 million in the box office and made 780 thousand that year.

After American Graffiti, he wanted to make a action adventure sci-fi movie, with the setting of outer space. He released a New Hope (1977). The film put the audience in awe on its phenomenal graphics and great acting and sound. The film made 11 million that year, and grossed 513 million. He released the second film of the series The Empire Strikes back (1980). This film was even more impressive. And in 1980 The Return Of The Jedi released in 1983.

George made two companies just for 'Star Wars'. Industrial Light Magic and Skywalker Studios. Many years later hey saw what the two companies could do and he decided to make prequels. The Phantom Of The Menace is the fist prequel and was a big disappointment, with the childish characters. The fans spoke out and said that it was very childish. George speaking back saying that the originals were supposed to be for children but adults loved the series. The Attack Of The Clones was the second, although it was better it was to much of a love story to the critics. The Revenge Of The Sith is the third and final prequel was the best by far to the critics and was just enough of everything to make it perfect. To the fans the movies were not as good as the original trilogy and it doesn't make them bad.

We know that a new 'Star Wars' movie is coming out next year, even though George isn't the main director he still is the co director. I have answered most questions about George Lucas creating 'Star Wars' so I hoped this helps.


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