Instructional Technology

Ideas and Goals

Risk Taking

I want to help teachers think about the lesson first and what they want to accomplish. Build in technology if it makes sense and will help make the lesson more engaging or help students learn and create. We don't want to use technology to save paper or just to use a certain tool. We also want to take a risk and learn what works and doesn't work for next time. I also want to take risks with this job and learn new things everyday to help myself to help teachers.


I'd like to help teachers to start small and start where they are. I'd like to offer the service of taking lessons they have and giving them ideas of how to add technology to those lessons. I'd like to provide short, focused professional development opportunities to get teachers started in a low-stress, low time investment way at first. Hopefully, motivating them to keep going on their own and joining in on more opportunities. I'd also like to offer and work with the other Instructional Technologist on ways to do things like this and offer more advanced Boot Camp and Basic Training camp situations.