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401K Education Meetings w/Pensionmark


I'm excited to announce that ModCloth's 401K consulting company Pensionmark, will be back on site on Wednesday and Thursday, October 19th and 20th. Pensionmark has been an invaluable partner in helping to monitor our investment offerings and make important changes to our plan. Retirement Expert Jani Walker, will be available starting at 10am on Wednesday to help provide more insight into our 401K offerings and assist you individually in determining how you can better manage your 401K account(s)!

Even if you are not currently participating, we highly encourage everyone to sign up for a 30 minute dedicated 1:1 session to meet with Jani and discuss your personal retirement goals, strategies, and benefits of investing. These educational meetings are 100% personalized and our expert will cater to your specific questions and desired outcomes. While these meetings are completely optional, we'd love to see you get the support you need on navigating through 401K investing!

If you're interested in a 1:1 session, please email me and I'll set that up for you! The 1:1 session will be a more focused conversation about your personal retirement goals and an opportunity to ask any questions. If you are unavailable for a session on Wednesday or Thursday, fear not! Pensionmark will be back on site next quarter and ready to help with your investing needs.

Finally, If you currently do not participate in our 401K plan and would like to or have any additional questions please shoot for more information.


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