Its Meaning, Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Heartburn is a discomfort felt in the upper abdomen behind the breastbone and goes up into the esophagus which then spread in the throat. This disease is usually called acid regurgitation indigestion or sour stomach. People become confused with this, when we talk about heartburn it is not a problem in the heart however sometimes it can feel like one. Heartburn has many symptoms which vary depending on its severity. The common symptoms include pain in swallowing, feeling of sickness, bloating, burping and this may take up to two hours and longer. Other indications are sleep problems, choking, intense cough, respiratory ailments like asthma and wheezing.

Heartburn takes place when the stomach content either solid or liquid reflux into the esophagus - a tube that connects to the stomach and throat. Heartburn causes two diseases which are acid reflux and gastroesophageal acid reflux disease which are closely similar to each other. They only differ because the other disease involves the esophagus and the other has to do with stomach acid. The causes of these reflux are:

  1. The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is not completely close.

  2. Foods that may cause more heartburn are fatty, spicy and citrus foods. Also chocolate, peppermint, coffee, carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

  3. Being obese, wearing tight clothes, tension with bowel movements, pregnancy and strong exercises also contributes.

  4. Cigarette Smoking.

  5. Stress can also increase the level of acid inside the stomach which makes it to become empty slowly.

  6. Hiatal Hernia is a small part of the stomach that moves through the diaphragm - a muscle that disconnect the lungs and abdomen.

Heartburn can be prevented if you change your lifestyle and diet. You may have a healthy living by eating diet required for acidic person and having proper exercises. There are many ways on preventing such disease.

  1. Do not sleep if your stomach is still full

  2. Do not eat too much and eat in a slow manner.

  3. Wear loose clothes and lose your weight.

  4. Do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages.

  5. Avoid the foods that cause heartburn which are stated above.

It is easy to overcome heartburn as well as the disease related to it if you will choose to have a healthy lifestyle. Being knowledgeable about the disease, its causes and indications also help in detecting it before it gets worse. If you want to know more, visit this http://tinyurl.com/nrznp7d.