Jeremy Nestor

The theme pursuite of knowledge can be seen throughout the book in many places.

One day , when i found a fire which had been left by beggars i was over come by the warmth. This shows how he has never had the feeling of warmth and how he was longing for this feeling until he uncovered it.

Chapter 11 Paragraph 14

"The family, after having been thus occupied for a short time, extinguished their lights and retired, as i conjectured to rest." It shows how he is leaning what everyday people do.

Chapter 12 Paragraph 2

"Could they express pain?" it shows that he thought he was the only one that could because he is really ugly and thought only ugly people could express pain.

Chapter 12 Paragraph 5

"I have learned how to apply the words fire , milk, bread,and woods." shows how he wants to be able to talk so then he might be accepted.

Chapter 12 Paragraph 8

"I didn't understand sounds for which they stood as signs?" This shows his thirst for knowledge and how he wants to learn.

Chapter 13 Paragraph 4

"I soon perceived that this stranger had a language all his own". This shows he is applying what he has learned.

Chapter 13 Paragraph 11

"Of what strange nature is knowledge." He is really starting to understand what is going on around him.

Chapter 17 last Paragraph

The prospect of such an occupation made every other circumstance of existence pass before me like a dream, and that thought only had to me the reality of life. This shows Frankenstein thirst for knowledge.