Maatin bass

His work

How it started

Since the turn of the millennium, a new spirit of design has emerged. No longer content with producing sleek identi-kit creations, designers today are embracing a raw, surreal and idiosyncratic approach to their work. The effect is both unsettling and exciting as they create designs that are purposely imperfect and full of character. One such designer is Netherlands-based Maarten Baas, who has caused international sensations with his hand-made furniture.

His life

Born in Amsberg Germany in 1978, Baas moved to the Netherlands as a child and graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2002. His first commercial success was while at college when his Knuckle candleholder was put into production by Pol’s Potten. For his graduate collection – the Smoke furniture range – Baas literally set fire to old chairs and tables before coating them in an epoxy resin to preserve the charred remains. By stripping away ornament Baas diminishes the hands-off preciousness of design and brings the objects closer to their true purpose, as common tables and chairs.

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How long has he been famous?

A long time