Marissa Rodriguez


airfare cost and schedule

The airfare cost=2 Adult 2 child 2 youths=$8,045 Times:DEN 7:50 pm -SAN 8:45

The flight will cost about $610.00 the tax and fees would cost $663.00 And the Expedia Booking Fee cost $7.00 but the instant savings Cost -$7.00 so the total cost of the whole trip cost $8,045.


There will be 6 guess so we will buy 2 bedrooms they are really good and pretty bedrooms that would cost about $169.00.


Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem there in France is their language, they speak French and I speak English, a clarification to this problem is to have a translator who can pronounce English and French. They can help me read menus, signs, and help me communicate with people there.


I would say that my family and I would have had a great time in France from all the fun things we did for example we went and got a nice hotel room, went sightseeing, went to a fancy restaurant, and went to a museum.

About the traveler