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OCS Fundraiser

OCS is located in Mrs. Bennett’s room 216, and they are raising money, by selling food, on December 5, to help their class out.

Mrs. Bennett’s is one of the many people involved in OCS. OCS or occupation course study, is a class for students who do not wish to go to a four year college. This course helps students get good paying jobs before they graduate. This class runs from when a student is a freshman to their senior year. This program has raised about six hundred dollars off just fundraising. They raise money to help with field trips, buying supplies, and whatever the class needs. Some events they have done in the past are the coffee shop and selling hotdogs. On December 5th, OCS was selling chicken and waffles for six dollars. The staff picks exactly what OCS will make that day; and most of the time they listen. There are fourteen students and four adults involved in OCS. This class also helps students with skills and tools they will need in a job; also some basic life skills. Mrs. Bennett has been involved in this program for four years, while the whole program has been around for twenty years. Some places they have gotten to go to are, UNCG, Salvation Army, field trips, and more! This class needs all the support for the staff, for more information visit Mrs. Bennett's room!

When asked what is their motivation for this program Mrs. Bennett’s reply was; “We teach, were teaching and doing what we loved, giving to students something to remember.”

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Brain’s disappeared, where could they have gone?

The University of Texas discovered that one hundred brains were missing from the basement of the Animal Resource Center. They were preserved in formaldehyde jars, and they went missing on December the third. They were kept in heavy glass jars, each with an identification label, a diagnosis, and the date of death.

Nobody knows exactly what happened; some believe that it’s a Halloween prank, others believe it’s a really bad joke. Then again not everybody is so convicted that they “just went missing”. What do I think happened to them?

I think that someone was either extremely smart, or extremely stupid. I think someone had to have really thought this one through to the maximum. Someone planned out the perfect timing and perfect way of escape. Someone planned out everything that they would accomplish in that one night. I think either someone who is obsessed with brains would plan this out. Or perhaps a man turning into a zombie wanted to prepare for the whole “zombie apocalypse”.

If were being honest though it was probably just a prank. Someone extremely overly obsessive with brains probably took them. In all honest this is probably the most likely outcome that came with the missing brains. The university could have misplaced them, but that highly unlikely. They could not have misplaced one hundred brains in just one day. This whole thing is very strange and kind of creepy. What sick person would want one hundred brains to sit in their bedroom? In all honesty I hope it’s just a prank and they find all the brains soon.

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Makeup is YOU!

Many females start wearing makeup around the age of sixteen and up. What most females don’t realize is that makeup is you. Makeup only enhances what beauty is already there. Makeup can’t make you beautiful; it can only make you look like you. Makeup can make you look like a clown if you apply too much, however anybody can learn how to apply it. I feel that makeup is what a person what it’s to be. Makeup is you, and only you can make it work. Makeup is more than just eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, and contour. It’s what gives some woman like me, happiness and a career. Some woman it’s a way to make you feel better. Some females it’s because they feel that they have to, they feel there disgusting without it. Makeup is you; makeup is what you want it to be. Makeup can easily become a career choice for some, others it’s a life choice. Some females never wear makeup in their entire life, some wear it later. This article isn’t about who wears makeup or not. It’s about how makeup enhances the beauty you already have. Even if you wear Smokey eyes or bold red lips; makeup is still you. There are no laws against how a woman should wear makeup. Even men wear it and there aren’t any rules against that either. Makeup is you; makeup is what you want it to be. Go for what makes you happy and what will make you happy. If you don’t do what makes you happy then you’ll never be satisfied with life. Makeup is you; makeup is what you want it to be. Make it a good one.

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By Brittany A Jones :)