Kaihalulu Beach(Red Sand Beach)

By: Sebastian Holland



Continent-Middle of the plate

20° 45′ 8″ N, 155° 58′ 54″ W

Type of Beach

The Kaihalulu Bay is an active beach because it is located on the pacific tectonic plate. The Kaihalulu Bay is primary because it was not created by marine organisms and is volcanic.

The Kaihalulu Bay is emergent because it rose above sea level.

Some pictures of Kaihalulu Bay

The Sand

What makes the sand of Kaihalulu Bay red?

The land of Kaihalulu Bay is very rich in iron, giving the sand here a deep red.

Kaihalulu Bay

Come to Maui, Hawaii and experience the beautiful red sand beach of Kaihalulu Bay. Come and have a picnic, surf or just relax or explore the land around you.