Adult Education at ESC 6

News for August 2012

August Staff Day

Excited and ready for the new year, staff came together for our annual convecation to emrace changes and expectiations for the 2012 Fiscal Year! This year performace award were given to teeachers and staff members who successfully met all of their performance objectives for the 2011 year.

Start of Another Year!!!


As we return to the day-to-day activites of the new year, please remember to update all required information, and submitt to the appropriate coordinataor or staff member. Procedures are in place to help facilitate requried paperwork necessary to run our programs. There are several new forms that have gone out and most are electronic. Use the new forms and submit accordingly to procedures. If infomation is missing or incorrect please note that your requested inromation may be delayed or not completed.


Creative Teaching Techniques for Student-Centered Learning by The Bob Pike Group

Saturday, Sep. 22nd 2012 at 9am-4pm

4881 W Panther Creek Dr

The Woodlands, TX

Selected teachers will spend the day with master trainer, Adrianne Roggenbuck, to discover

· The key components of student-centered learning

· Creating openings, closings, and energizers

· Making handouts more interactive

· Questioning strategies

· Setting up activities and giving effective directions

· Body language, a successful teaching tool

· 18-20 ways to engage a group

Once again, the GREAT Center is proud to offer Creative Teaching Techniques. The world-famous Bob Pike Group has adapted the training specifically for the Texas Adult Education teacher. In past trainings, training evaluations have been among the highest ever recorded for the GREAT Center. A majority of participants report that the training is a “must” for every classroom teacher.