Hear ye, Hear ye...

These Rules Must be Enforced to Avoid Penalty & Maltreatment

Citizens Shall Not Use their Strong Body and Mind to their advantage to Inflict Harm on Others

When Odysseus was away from the community at war with his soldiers in Troy, after Troy's defeat, Odysseus and his crew felt empowered and successful so they continued into the village of Cicones. Here the crew, led by Odysseus, inhumanely slaughtered many citizens. The group had used their strength to overpower and put harm on others.

The nurse however used her strong body and mind to hide Odysseus and Telemachus and help them in their attempt to retake their city. She used her strong body and mind to assist and benefit others

Citizens Shall Remain Loyal to their King and their Rules

Odysseus' wife, Penelope, stayed loyal to Odysseus even while he was away. She refused the suitors hands in marriage and stayed loyal to her husband even though the chances of him being dead were great.

The suitors however never stayed loyal to Odysseus' laws and values within the kingdom while they were there. They destroyed much of his property including the slaughtering of many of his animals and they took advantage of the materials within his home.

Citizens Shall Worship their Gods and Respect their Values

Odysseus obeyed Athena throughout his whole journey to get back to Ithaca. He followed her through many differing lands and followed her advice to guide him home and through all the challenges he had to face throughout the journey.

Odysseus' shipmates did not listen to Helios and Odysseus when told not to eat the cattle of the Greek God. Although they were hungry they were told to avoid the cattle and not eat them and if they followed this they would be rewarded. However the shipmates decided to disobey the gods wishes and did not respect his cattle

If the Community Encounters Evil, Citizens Shall take it Upon Themselves to Put a Stop to the Evil

When Odysseus and his men killed the cyclopes instead of leaving and running away from the cyclopes, they had taken the problem upon themselves to solve

When the citizens within the community along with the servants of Odysseus did not take it upon themselves to help the kingdom and the suitors who had taken over the area. They instead allowed the suitors to continue to overpower the kingdom and not follow the rules and values of Odysseus.

Those in Need Shall be Taken in By the Citizens

Odysseus' old servant, Eumaeus, took in Odysseus when he was disguised as a beggar, and provided him with the materials he needed to survive, and gave him shelter. Even though he did not know who the beggar was, he still welcomed him into his home.

Melantho treated the beggar (Odysseus) however very badly, and did not welcome him into the kingdom at all. He criticized those who did accept him and tried to keep him away from others. Overall, Melantho broke this rule by not welcoming the beggar into the kingdom

Citizens Must Enforce Honesty Upon the Community

Telemachus and Odysseus and Penelope all were dishonest on many occasions. Odysseus continuously told lies about who he was or of his plans to those surrounding him. Telemachus lied to his mother in order to work with his father against the suitors, and Penelope lied to the suitors continuously through the weaving in her window.

The servants of Odysseus however were very honest continuously. The servants who thoroughly respected Odysseus were honest figures who stayed truthful to their honesty in order to help him in the end against the suitors.

By Ashley Betz and Dalanie Hairfield