de elote


We are learning about different Latin American foods and are planning a meal for May 25th. This will be an entire meal that will be delivered to the school.

Students will be shown videos during class on how this food is prepared.

Ingredients: corn, pork, spices

We will also have dessert; Tres leches (three milks cake) a very moist cake that has three different milks poured into cake and then it is iced with a whipped topping with fruit in the center. ¡Delicioso!


If you are willing for your child to participate, check yes, sign this letter, and send $5.00 by May 22nd. E-mail me with any questions or concerns. If you do not want your child to participate, please check beside No and sign the letter.

o -Yes, I am allowing my child to participate in eating Tamales and Tres Leches cake and I am sending $5.oo for the meal.

o -No, I do not want my child to participate in eating Tamales or Tres Leches Cake

Student's name _________________________________________________________________________

Parent's name ___________________________________________________________________________

Sign X______________________________________________________ Date:______________________