Web Tools for Success

Corporate Training Implementation


A Learning Management System (LMS), web-based training platform that is affordable, easy to operate, and tailored for small or large businesses. Course content created by the client as self-paced, instructor-led, or virtual, is easily uploaded, automated to invite learners by email or web, and centrally managed for quick access to reports and statistics. There are unlimited training configurations that are customizable with company logos or colors, it can be synchronous or asynchronous, multi-lingual, and has several security features for content safety. Current clients include the Buffalo Bills football team, the YMCA, Kikkoman, the United Way, plus hundreds of others. Technical support is a number one priority and is available through telephone, email, or live chat and several tutorial videos are available as well.


A training program that uses thousands of 60 second videos in over a hundred different focus areas. According to founders Fernandez, Mungekar, & Nardony (2010), "this platform provides 6X more data than a traditional Learning Management System (LMS)," is easy to navigate, and can be set up in around 5 minutes. It offers a 'set and forget' feature with default assignments, a flexible data and management interface, and can blend data, multimedia, and documents into their content library. Moderately priced packages are available according to organizational size with full technical and software support.


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