November 16, 2018

This Week's Recap....

VERY IMPORTANT.. our PK through K5 classes will be performing in their Thankgiving program this Tuesday, November 20th beginning at 9AM. If your child is in one of these classes, please arrange your schedule so that you can attend.

This week we celebrated our students who earned Honor Roll and Principal's list during the 1st grading period. We are very proud of you! Thank you to the parents who came.

We learned about "Intrinsic Motivation" which is the motivation that comes from within to be successful and always strive to do our best. That is different that extrinsic motivation, which is motivation that comes from either the offer of an award or some other type of a bribe or offer, or the threat of a consequence if what needs to be done, is not done. It is not bad motivation for short term, but it does not have long lasting effects because when the reward or consequence is not offered, then the motivation is still lacking. We want to always encourage our children to have INTRINSIC motivation because it is long lasting and withstands adversity and challenges.

The students who sold 10 items or more in the fall sale had a great time at their field trip to the Ninja Lounge and Cice's pizza. We appreciate the support of all of our families in making this fundraiser successful.

Our PTL packed boxes and boxes of items for OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD and these were dropped off at a distribution center on Tuesday night. I wish we could be there to see the faces of children in impoverished countries when they are given their box to open! Thank you to our PTL.

Sunday is the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse! To celebrate, students may wear any DISNEY shirt on Monday with uniform bottoms if desired. Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

There is early release on Wednesday and no school on Thursday and Friday of next week.

Thank you for your support of our teachers and our school. I pray that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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In the church


There is early release on Wednesday. We are kindly requesting all parents that can, please make arrangements to pick your children up at early release. If your children must go to aftercare, we are humbly requesting that you make every attempt to come as early as you possibly can to pick them up. We would appreciate being able to allow some of our staff to leave early on this day so that they too can start preparing for Thanksgiving with their families. Thank you for your help.

If you read nothing else in this newsletter, READ THIS

The difference in a child who ONLY reads the required material in school and the children who READS AT LEAST 20 MINUTES PER DAY outside of school is substantial.
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Chaperoning Field Trips

We need parents to volunteer to chaperone field trips. Otherwise, we cannot safely take students on field trips. We appreciate our parents who volunteer. Please remember if you volunteer that it is necessary for you to take an ACTIVE ROLE in the field trip and supervision of children. You are not just going along for the ride and to get service hours. You are helping the teacher, helping the students, helping with lunch, helping with bathroom breaks, etc. Whatever is necessary. Also, if you make a commitment to chaperone a field trip, it is very important that you follow through with it. Otherwise, we may need to cancel a trip literally the day of the trip. This morning, we had 3 chaperones cancel at the last minute or not show up at all without any notification for a field trip. Fortunately, we had other parents who were willing to go along at the last minute. Otherwise, we would have had to disappoint our students because we are not going on a trip if we cannot be safe. We do understand that sometimes things happen, but kindly give proper notice.

This is now on the back side of all permission slips. if you volunteer to chaperone, please read and sign the reverse side as well to acknowledge that you have read it and understand what we need you to do to help keep our kids cared for:

Chaperone Information:

Our teachers need parents or guardians to volunteer as chaperones for field trips or other activities to help provide proper supervision of the children and to assist the teachers as needed. We appreciate chaperones very much and the children greatly enjoy sharing a field trip or activity with their parent.

If you agree to participate in a field trip or any other school activity as a chaperone, please understand that you are not going on the the trip as a bystander to get service hours. It is required that you be an active participant in the trip or activity.

If you volunteer to be a chaperone, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You have completed a background check via the link provided to you by Holy Cross Lutheran School.

  • You are physically able to participate fully in all aspects of the field trip (i.e, you are able to walk or otherwise transport yourself, you can be in the sun if applicable, you can be in the water, etc.)

  • You will take part in all activities associated in the field trip that are required by the teachers, including but not limited to supervision of children inside and outside, helping with getting on and getting off of the bus, helping to carry materials if needed, helping with lunch, monitoring play areas, being in charge of a small group of children, etc.

  • You are welcome to ride on the bus if there is room. Otherwise, you must provide your own transportation.

  • You may not bring siblings with you on the field trip because your attention needs to be on the group of children you are responsible for.

Congratulations to our 1st Quarter Honor Roll Students in 3rd-8th grade

3 Clinton Bagwandeen Principals List

3 Dylan Morales Principals List

3 Hannah Benoit Principals List

3 Abigail Constant High Honor Roll

3 Jomar Saint Hilaire High Honor Roll

3 Audally Myrtil Principals List

3 Nyela Augustin High Honor Roll

3 Jayda AcciusHigh Honor Roll

3 Janaya AybarHigh Honor Roll

3 Evodie JosephHigh Honor Roll

3 Bradley JeanHigh Honor Roll

3 Ariana MejiaHigh Honor Roll

3 Daniel Harricharran High Honor Roll

3 Ethan Pierre- Louis High Honor Roll

3 Jenny AlexisHigh Honor Roll

3 Camryn Antoine Honor Roll

3 Sophia Pierre Honor Roll

4 Dan Ramplais Principals List

4 Raybryant Jeune Principals List

4 Kenny Lefevre High Honor Roll

4 Ronnie Covington High Honor Roll

4 Sean Dorelus High Honor Roll

4 Hydee Lamarre High Honor Roll

4 Christopher Joseph High Honor Roll

5 Sarah Harricharran Principals List

5 Audrina Cheramy Principals List

5 Kevin Petithomme Principals List

5 Tricy Denard High Honor Roll

5 Bailey Smitherman High Honor Roll

5 Jayden Sainval High Honor Roll

5 Kimberly Ferdinand High Honor Roll

5 Sannidhi Palli High Honor Roll

5 Andre Payen High Honor Roll

5 Jude Francois High Honor Roll

5 Mangianna Henry High Honor Roll

5 Mannehy Zelalem Honor Roll

6 Kylie White Principals List

6 Caden Major High Honor Roll

6 Rashawn Saul High Honor Roll

6 Zahira Hernandez High Honor Roll

7 Ricardo Santos Principals List

7 Dasha Estrada Principals List

7 Chesley Gachette Principals List

7 Lisa Eugene High Honor Roll

7 Solomon Meshesha High Honor Roll

7 Yolene Telira High Honor Roll

7 Lesna Constant High Honor Roll

8 Shanora Charles High Honor Roll

Background check authorization

Below is the link. You cannot chaperone or otherwise interact with our students unless you complete the background check.

Collecting for an upcoming event:

We are collecting donations of bags of Tortilla chips for an upcoming fundraiser. if you would like to donate a bag and receive stewardship credit, please send the bag with your receipt and name to Mrs. St. Vil's room which is Room 6. Or you can drop it off in the office and we will make sure that it gets there. Please make sure that the bag is not expired. You will receive the dollar value of your donation as per the receipt as stewardship credit.

Cooler Weather is here... dress code info

Today was a little bit cooler and eventually cooler weather will settle in. Please be sure that your child in K and up is wearing outerwear that fits our dress code. You may purchase the very nice Holy Cross Fleece Jacket from Ibiley, or you can buy a sweatshirt, sweater or jacket in solid navy blue, white, black or grey. No logos. Jean jackets, jackets or sweaters with logos and hoodies are not permitted. And most importantly.....MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CHILD'S NAME IS IN THE JACKET OR SWEATER. If we find them with a name in them, we return them. Otherwise, they end up in lost and found and without a name, anyone can claim them.

Speaking of Lost and Found

After I the discarded the strange, random items that have been sitting in the lost and found for weeks, I just count SEVENTEEN SWEATER AND JACKETS and NINE OTHER PIECES OF UNIFORMS such as pants, uniform short, skorts, etc. How can it be that the children and their parents do not miss these items? Each week, the pile grows. Eventually we will run out of space and will have to dispose of them. Please take a look if your child is missing something especially jackets or sweaters. And please understand that if they end up in the lost and found, they were found laying around somewhere other than a classroom such as the cafeteria, hallways, playgrounds, church etc.

What's Coming Up?

Monday, November 19: Happy 90th Birthday Mickey Mouse. Students may wear a Disney tshirt with uniform bottoms.

Tuesday, November 20: Early childhood Thanksgiving program 9AM followed by community feast.

Wednesday, November 21: All school chapel, EARLY RELEASE

Thursday, November 22: Happy Thanksgiving. No School until Monday.

Tuesday, December 11: Holy Cross night at ANTHONY'S COLD FIRED PIZZA, to benefit our church youth group and their trip to the National Youth Gathering.

Monday, December 17: PK through 2nd Grade Christmas program

Thursday, December 20: 3rd thru 8th grade Christmas program

Friday, December 21: All school chapel, early release

Saturday, December 22 thru Sunday, January 6th: Christmas Break, No School or OOS

After school activity schedule

Praise Group: Wednesday, 3:30-5:30 PM

Student Government Tuesday, 3:15-4:00 PM.

8th grade girls Bible Study: Monday after school

Middle School Sign Language: Tuesday, 3:30-6:00 PM

Hip Hop Dance: Friday 3:30-4 K4 thru 1st, 4:00-5:00 2nd and up

Girls Varsity BB: Monday 4:00-5:30 , Thursday and Friday 3:30-5:30

Boys BB: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 3:30-5:30

JV Boys: Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:30-5:00

PeeWee Cheerleading Tuesday 3:30-4:30

JV Cheerleading Tuesday, 3:30-4:30

Please observe the pickup time. Students not picked up on time will be sent to OOS.

Join our church family or just come and worship!

Worship is 10:30AM every Sunday. We have an education hour for all ages from 9:15AM to 10:15AM which includes Sunday school for younger children and bible study for older Youth and Adults.

We have a regular group of 5th thru 8th grade students who meet together on Sunday Morning in Room 14, all 5th thru 8th grade students are invited.


next Wednesday, November 21st at 7:30PM.

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