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Resources for the Week of Jan 7, 2018

5 Ways to Ring in the new Year in Your Classroom

From 4 O'Clock Faculty featuring Trevor Bryan & Rich Czyz. For educators looking to improve learning for themselves and their students.

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Character Education

I stumbled across this site the other day and wow did I make a discovery.

because I said I would is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept. We are changing lives through Promise Cards, chapters of volunteers, character education in schools, and awareness campaigns with global reach.

It is a movement and they have lesson plans for the teacher by grade level. We are all responsible for teaching Character education these days, and this site is full of great ideas and resources.

Character Education Lesson Plans are available from because I said I would to teachers around the world at no cost. Fill out the form below for access to download ALL Lesson Plans. These lesson plans were developed by our Character Education committee which includes teachers from across the United States. Also remember that you can use any of our videos to weave the because I said I would message into your existing program or project involving Character Education.

Student Learning Outcomes for Lesson Plans:

  • Understand the importance of community involvement and volunteerism
  • Learn to identify issues in the community that need to be addressed
  • Understand importance of personal accountability
  • Develop self-identity as a person of strong/good character
  • Get better at keeping promises
  • Model promise keeping
  • Develop a habit of personal accountability
  • Positive behavior change by individual promises
  • Reduce human suffering through humanitarian actions

This is an "about video" for because I said I would, the international social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept.

The New York Times Learning Network has a great interactive feature called “What’s Going On In This Graph?”

Here’s their announcement about the next one on Tuesday, Jan 9:

On Tuesday, Jan. 9, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Eastern Time, teachers from the American Statistical Association will provide live, online moderation of the student discussion on the graph. As an experiment, we published this post a few days early to give teachers time to preview the graph.

This is a graph that originally appeared elsewhere on For the purposes of this activity, we have removed some of the original text and features, all of which we will reveal on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 11.

More information here and activity instructions for your students.

You can see all their past and future “What’s Going On In This Graph?” posts here.


This video tutorial takes you through the Space Race settings in Socrative. Many teachers are confused by the Space Race options in Socrative, so this video quickly takes you through the options and shows you the Space Race from both a teacher and a student point of view. Socrative is a free tool that you can use in the class for quick formative tests that are a lot of fun and have a range of settings. It is an excellent teaching tool and very popular with students.

For other videos on using Socrative try Key Tech Tools for Teachers: Full introduction to Socrative

Thanks to TTV (Teacher Training Videos) by Russel Stannard

ClassroomScreen: An all-in-one solution for display

An all-in-one tool for your classroom – most of us have a way to display your computer screen; data projector, interactive whiteboard, giant external monitor, or TV, etc.

Normally, when you think about interactivity on your screen it involves an expensive interactive whiteboard, and you it is only one specific activity.

What if you could do multiple things and they are just a tap or a click away? ClassroomScreen might just be a solution.

Visiting the site gives you a beautiful background and there are many others to select from or you can upload your own.

Check it out:

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Tony Vincent to the had the solution again

I have struggled with the organization of Google Drive. It just seems like a mess and I hunt and hunt for stuff. How about you?

I have referred to Tony Vincent of Learning in Hand many times before, he is pretty darn amazing. I follow him religiously. His Instagram is a wealth of information and learning to be had.

Recently he posted about how to organize your Google Dive visually, here, how. Well, I am working on organizing mine now!!

Thanks Tony for the help!

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And Tony had a new class he is offering.

I took his last one Classy Graphics, and wow did I learn a ton. So am already enrolled in this new one. I encourage you to do the same, check out all the details

10 Adobe Spark Classroom Ideas

I agree with Claudio Zavala, the Adobe Spark apps have become my go-to apps many so many things. Check out Claudio ideas!! Just tap the button.