Egyptian Mythology

By Katie Baek and Surina K.

Ancient Egypt

Their king, the river Nile, and the life in the next world were the only things that mattered to the ancient Egyptians. A long time ago, each area had it's own gods and goddesses. There were 42 different districts in total. for the Egyptians, Ra, the sun god, was the most powerful. He was said to appear mysteriously out of the waters of the river NUN. The river also produced the sky and earth gods, NUT (pronounced NOOT) and GEB. The first human beings were performed by the tears of Ra. All Egyptians thought that their gods had animal forms.

Core Characters and Gods

The Pharaoh was the most important person in Ancient Egyptian society. Gods tended to have shifting identities. The pharaohs were often given names related to the sun god Ra and the falcon god named Horus. Daily sacrifices that the citizens of ancient Egypt had to make to their gods at their respective temples were clothing, food and other necessities.

Major Myths

Important Egyptian Gods


Set is a god of all evil things. Out of jealousy, he murdered his brother Osiris. Afterwards, he returned the throne to Horus which he failed to kill after battling him for 10 years. Horus is also Iris's son. After that, Ra made Set a storm god.


He taught the people of Earth to farm land. Killed by his brother Set. His wife and sister Isis found his dead body in the river. Osiris became the lord of the underworld after he was brought back to life and judges souls for a living. - Ancient Egypt - Educational Video for Kids