Texas Revolution

By: Christie Hernandez

Picture Fact!

This picture explains when people were discussing the surrender for the law of April 6th. In this picture, the Mexican President and the generals were surrendering to the injured Sam Houston.

The Texas Revolution!

The Texas Revolution all began with the Battle of Gonzales in the year 1835 of October, and ended with the Battle of San Jacinto. The Texas Revolution lasted 6 months, 2 weeks, and 5 days.

What We Learned?

Our group learned a lot about The Texas Revolution, and how people experienced it back then when it was happening. We also learned that it was long, devestating, and full of death and war.

Fun Facts!

-The Texas Revolution was the fight for Texas's Independence from Mexico

-Slavery, religion, and language were three big problems that caused issues between the Texas and the Mexicans

-The Battle of The Alamo began on February 23, 1836