MMS Weekly Update

June 5, 2015

Field Day and Yearbook Signing

We will be having field day on Monday. You have received each grade level's schedule of events as well as the lunch schedule. Elective teachers will be facilitating all field day activities. In the afternoon, each grade level will have a yearbook signing in the gym. 8th grade will go to the gym from 12-1pm, and 7th grade will go from 1-2pm. Elective teachers will supervise during this time so core teachers can have some planning times.

Changing Locations

Please remember that if you decide to change rooms or combine classes or alter your schedule, you must let Ms. Beaver know. Parents are checking students out more than usual this time of year, and we need to be able to find you and your students. This is a safety issue, so please simply communicate with Ms. Beaver. Thank you!

Awards Ceremonies

Ms. Baker is in charge of both awards ceremonies. If you have any questions, please simply ask. Although these final days can be off, please remember to take time to celebrate your students' successes!

On 7th grade during the day on Wednesday, if you have ideas on scheduling until 9am and right after the awards, please let an administrator know. We will encourage as many students as possible to go home after the awards.

8th grade students will not have attendance counted against them on Wednesday after the promotion ceremony.

Disciplinary Issues Next Week

ISS is already packed on Monday and Tuesday. Therefore, unless there are urgent issues, try to manage your students' behavior as closely as possible. This will really occur through well planned and structured lessons. If a student acts out on Monday or Tuesday, he/she will most likely be sent home for the remainder of the school year. So please consider this as you plan your classes for next week!

Calendar Items

Monday: Field Day; yearbook signing

Tuesday: Normal "day"; 8th grade promotions at 5pm and 7pm

Wednesday: 7th grade awards at 9am

Thursday: teacher workday; EOY staff luncheon in SD room at 1pm

Friday: optional teacher workday; leadership team meeting at 9am

End of Year Checkout and Summer Planning

All certified staff members will receive an end of year checkout sheet in your mailboxes by Tuesday morning. Please follow all directions and get all required signatures before going home for the summer. Also, please remember to watch your staff email over the summer so you can see when to get into your classrooms, if so desired, over the summer. We do need to plan your classroom visits around the custodial staff project list and floor waxing. Also, please note that the MMS and MHS Summer School will be housed at MMS this year due to MHS construction.
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